Antonino Cafiero (1995) is a photographer living and working in Milan. When he was 18, his passion for photography and the fashion world led him to move from Sorrento – hometown and source of inspiration – to Milan, where he immediately started working on his personal projects. His work is characterised by a sensible attention to realism and authenticity, refining the essence of the beauty and the feelings of his subjects through the lens. Operating gently and precisely both with analogue and digital photography, he’s able to portray human subjects, fashion, landscapes and objects at their best, respecting their nature and giving his own cut to the shot. A minimalist and essential approach is what the photographer appreciates and investigates through his work.
Through his career he collaborated with several fashion brands and editorial realities such as Marie Claire, Amica, Style Magazine, L’Officiel, Behind The Blinds, The Greatest, Man In Town and many more.